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Sarah Jackson of Combustion Brewing

Sarah Jackson – Combustion Brewery – Episode 10

Sarah Jackson – Combustion Brewery – Episode 10 Summary of Podcast: Cosmos and Commerce with Sarah Jackson from Combustion Brewery Hosts: Guest: Headlines: Sarah Jackson’s Top 3 Takeaways Links Combustion Brewing & Taproom Facebook Instagram Pickerington The Table Where Rich People Sit by Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall HydroFlask Water Bottle Wildcat Ridge Farms About … Read more

ruby joy boutique, a size inclusive clothing boutique

Danielle Resseguie – Ruby Joy Boutique – Episode 9

Danielle Resseguie – Ruby Joy Boutique – Episode 9 Navigating Size Inclusivity and Entrepreneurship: Insights with Danielle Resseguie of Ruby Joy Boutique 1. Concept and Inspiration of Ruby Joy Boutique: 2. Business Approach and Size Inclusivity: 3. Challenges, Adaptation, and Learning: 4. Business Operations, Tools, and Customer Service: 5. Community, Networking, and Global Reach: 6. … Read more

Lory Kim Remax Real Estate Broker

Lory Kim – Remax Connections Broker – Episode 8

Lory Kim – Remax Connections Broker – Episode 8 Cosmos and Commerce Podcast Summary- Lory Kim – Remax Connections Introduction Guest Introduction Lory’s Background and Inspiration Challenges in Starting a Business Identifying a Niche in Real Estate Lory’s Favorite Inspirational Quotes Valuable Business Lessons Balancing Work and Personal Life Benefits of International Trips Daily Routines … Read more

spa ceo, know your seo

Skyrocket Your Spa’s Google Rankings: 10 On-Page SEO Tips You Need!

Picture this: your serene spa nestled amidst the digital landscape, with eager clients just a click away from discovering your oasis of relaxation. But hold on, is your spa’s website optimized to capture their attention? In the fast-paced world of online searches, the quest for higher Google rankings is no less than a journey toward … Read more

ella williams, posh teatime co

Episode 7 – Ella Williams – Posh TeaTime Co

Episode 7 – Ella Williams – Posh TeaTime Co Summary of “Cosmos and Commerce” Podcast Episode with Ella Williams Hosts: Michele Cook & Janis FrancisGuest: Ella Williams, Posh Teatime Co Section 1: Introduction Section 2: Business Acumen Section 3: Goal Setting & Advice Section 4: Closing & Contact Information Overall, the podcast episode provided insights … Read more

Lillie Williams - J Dog Junk Removal

Episode 6- Lillie Williams- J Dog Hauling & Rags to Riches

Episode 6- Lillie Williams- J Dog Hauling & Rags to Riches Podcast Summary: Cosmos and Commerce – Lillie Williams Hosts: Guest: Lillie Williams’ Introduction: Inspiration for J Dog Hauling: Beginning of Rags to Riches: Boots to Business Program: Background of J Dog Franchise: Lillie’s Personal Background: Catalytic Converter Theft Learning from Theft Marketing Scam Proudest … Read more

Elijah Danilets, Danilets Detailing

Episode 5- Elijah Danilets- Danilets Detailing

Episode 5- Elijah Danilets- Danilets Detailing Podcast Episode Summary: Interview with Elijah Danilets Background & Early Life: Danilets Detailing: Learning from Experiences: Proud Moments: Danilets Dating: Philosophy & Beliefs: Connect with Elijah: Closing Remarks: In this episode, the hosts, Janis Francis and Michele Cook, interview entrepreneur Elijah Danilets, the founder of Danilets Detailing. Elijah has … Read more

Carol Wentzel- Personal Trainer

Episode 4 – Carol Wentzel – Personal Trainer

Podcast Summary: Exploring Health, Fitness, and Empowerment with Carol Wentzel Introduction: In the “Cosmos and Commerce” podcast, hosts Janis Francis and Michele Cook sit down with Carol Wentzel from Amanda Black Fitness to delve into her journey as a health and fitness coach, specifically focusing on women’s health during menopause. Getting to Know Carol Wentzel: … Read more

Shelley Wasicki The Positive Spirit Co

Episode 3 – Shelley Wasicki- the Positive Spirit Co

Podcast Summary: “Cosmos and Commerce” Shelley’s Role in Podcast Creation: Shelley’s Background and Journey: Intuitive Insights and Energy Protection: Crystals and Their Impact: Investment in Self-Improvement: Future Vision for Business: “When Animals Speak” Book: Conclusion: Links: “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss“The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield Transcription [00:00:00] Janis: Welcome to Cosmos and … Read more

Body Ache Escape Massage Center Pickerington, Ohio

Episode 2 – Michele Cook- Body Ache Escape Massage Center

🎙️ Step into the vibrant world of “Cosmos and Commerce,” where host Janis Francis and guest Michele Cook from Body Ache Escape Massage Center embark on a captivating journey of discovery. In this exhilarating episode, they delve into the fascinating stories and insights behind Michele’s remarkable business journey, uncovering the inspiration, challenges, and growth that … Read more