Michelle Plumby- AR Workshop- Episode 13

Michelle Plumby- AR Workshop- Episode 13

Cosmos and Commerce Podcast Summary: Michelle Plumby from AR Workshop

Introduction: Michelle Plumby is a dynamic figure in the world of DIY and home decor. As a representative of AR Workshop, she embodies the spirit of creativity and hands-on crafting. AR Workshop is a boutique DIY studio that offers hands-on classes for creating custom and charming home decor from raw materials. From wood signs to canvas pillows, they provide an experience that merges the joy of DIY with the charm of boutique home decor.

Hosts: Michele Cook and Janis Francis

Main Points:

  1. AR Workshop Experience:
    • AR Workshop is not just a DIY studio; it’s an experience. It offers hands-on classes where participants can create a variety of projects, from wood signs to framed signs and centerpiece boxes.
    • The workshop provides all the materials needed, allowing attendees to focus on the fun and creativity of the project.
  2. Boutique DIY Studio:
    • AR Workshop stands out as a boutique DIY studio that offers hands-on classes for creating unique home decor items.
    • The studio’s charm is evident in the variety of projects they offer, including plank and round signs, lazy susans, and even tote bags.
  3. Franchise and Expansion:
    • AR Workshop has grown significantly, with franchises opening in various locations. This expansion speaks to the brand’s popularity and the demand for hands-on DIY experiences.
    • Michelle discussed the benefits of the franchise model and how it has helped spread the AR Workshop brand.
  4. Social Media Presence:
    • Michelle highlighted the importance of Facebook in promoting AR Workshop events and classes. The platform has been instrumental in showcasing the workshop’s offerings and attracting a wider audience.
    • The workshop’s Facebook page is buzzing with activity, from photos of completed projects to announcements of upcoming classes.
  5. Crafting as a Community Activity:
    • AR Workshop is more than just a place to craft; it’s a community. Attendees can join instructor-led workshops, making it a social event where they can bond over shared interests.
    • The studio also hosts special events, providing a venue for people to come together, craft, and have fun.
  6. Conclusion:
    • AR Workshop is revolutionizing the DIY space with its boutique approach, offering a unique blend of hands-on crafting and upscale home decor. With its growing franchise model and strong social media presence, it’s clear that AR Workshop is here to stay, bringing joy and creativity to DIY enthusiasts everywhere.
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Michelle’s Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Boutique DIY Experience: AR Workshop offers a unique boutique DIY experience where participants can engage in hands-on classes to create custom and charming home decor items. From wood signs to canvas pillows, the workshop provides all the necessary materials, allowing attendees to immerse themselves in the creative process.
  2. Franchise Growth and Expansion: AR Workshop’s popularity and demand have led to its significant growth, with franchises opening in various locations. The franchise model has been instrumental in spreading the brand’s reach and making the AR Workshop experience accessible to more people.
  3. Community and Social Media Engagement: AR Workshop is not just about crafting; it’s about building a community. Their strong presence on platforms like Facebook showcases their offerings and attracts a wider audience. The workshop also emphasizes the social aspect of crafting, with instructor-led workshops and special events that bring people together to bond over shared interests.
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