Sarah Kahn- Corporate Rehab- Episode 16

Sarah Kahn- Corporate Rehab- Episode 16

Podcast Episode Title: Cosmos and Commerce – Sip, Savor, Succeed with Sarah Kahn



  • Sarah Kahn, owner of Corporate Rehab and host of Business Blasphemy Podcast

Podcast Sections:

  1. Introduction:
    • Greetings and introductions by hosts Michele Cook and Janis Francis.
  2. Guest Introduction:
    • Introduction of Sarah Kahn, her mission, and her work with Corporate Rehab.
  3. Interview with Sarah Kahn:
    • Background of Corporate Rehab:
      • Sarah’s transition from Linchpin Virtual to Corporate Rehab.
      • Discussion on the concept of “corporate detox.”
    • Sarah’s Corporate Exit:
      • Reasons for leaving the corporate world.
      • Challenges faced during pregnancy and layoff experiences.
      • Mental health struggles leading to a career shift, encouraged by her husband.
    • Perceptions of Entrepreneurship:
      • Initial reluctance to become an entrepreneur.
      • The reality versus the idealized version of entrepreneurship.
    • Client Relationships:
      • Trusting gut instincts when choosing clients.
      • Learning to say no and assessing client compatibility.
    • Brand Authenticity:
      • Importance of being true to oneself in branding and marketing.
    • Business Practices Discussion:
      • Addressing nonsensical business practices and speaking out in the industry.
    • Unique Coaching Approach:
      • Sarah’s extensive corporate experience as her differentiator.
      • Focusing on coaching business owners and treating them as whole humans.
    • Client Success Story:
      • A client’s business streamlining allowing for a 10-day business closure.
    • Common Client Challenges:
      • Addressing self-trust issues and breaking out of predetermined roles.
    • Differences in Entrepreneurship by Region:
      • Comparing Canadian and American entrepreneurial communities.
    • Small vs. Large Business Issues:
      • Visibility challenges for smaller businesses.
    • Networking Preferences:
      • Online networking versus in-person interactions.
    • Time Management:
      • Sarah’s approach to managing various business activities without a team.
    • Advice for Corporate to Entrepreneurship Transition:
      • Planning and savings tips for those considering leaving their corporate jobs.
    • Staying Inspired:
      • Importance of having a clear mission and vision.
  4. Fast Questions Round:
    • A quick-fire question-and-answer segment with Sarah.
  5. Closing Remarks:
    • Thanks to the guest.
    • Inviting listeners to subscribe and comment.
  6. Outro:
    • Final thoughts and sign-off by the hosts.
Sarah Kahn- Corporate Rehab

Sarah Kahn’s Top 3 Takeaways

  1. Entrepreneurship Is a Journey of Authenticity and Adaptation: Sarah emphasized the importance of entrepreneurs staying true to themselves. She shared her own experience with rebranding her business to Corporate Rehab, aligning her services with her authentic self, and focusing on her mission to support women transitioning from corporate roles to entrepreneurship. She stressed the need for business owners to lean into their unique voices and experiences, which can lead to greater satisfaction and success.
  2. Transitioning from Corporate to Entrepreneurship Requires Strategy: Sarah discussed the importance of careful planning and having a financial safety net when leaving the corporate world to start a business. She advised having at least three to six months of savings and starting lean, dispelling the notion that one should take the leap without a solid exit strategy. She also highlighted the need for a realistic approach towards growth, setting clear boundaries with clients, and trusting one’s intuition when making business decisions.
  3. Challenges and Mindset in Entrepreneurship: Throughout the interview, Sarah tackled the idea that entrepreneurship isn’t always glamorous and involves hard work and perseverance. She pointed out common challenges, including visibility issues for smaller businesses, balancing client work with personal branding efforts, and dealing with the ‘comparisonitis’ that can affect self-perception and business decisions. Sarah also shared insights on overcoming these challenges by focusing on self-trust, recognizing one’s value beyond time investment, and the importance of resilience during tough times.


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