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Sarah Jackson of Combustion Brewing

Sarah Jackson – Combustion Brewery – Episode 10

Sarah Jackson – Combustion Brewery – Episode 10 Summary of Podcast: Cosmos and Commerce with Sarah Jackson from Combustion Brewery Hosts: Guest: Headlines: Sarah Jackson’s Top 3 Takeaways Links Combustion Brewing & Taproom Facebook Instagram Pickerington The Table Where Rich People Sit by Byrd Baylor and Peter Parnall HydroFlask Water Bottle Wildcat Ridge Farms About … Read more

ruby joy boutique, a size inclusive clothing boutique

Danielle Resseguie – Ruby Joy Boutique – Episode 9

Danielle Resseguie – Ruby Joy Boutique – Episode 9 Navigating Size Inclusivity and Entrepreneurship: Insights with Danielle Resseguie of Ruby Joy Boutique 1. Concept and Inspiration of Ruby Joy Boutique: 2. Business Approach and Size Inclusivity: 3. Challenges, Adaptation, and Learning: 4. Business Operations, Tools, and Customer Service: 5. Community, Networking, and Global Reach: 6. … Read more

Lory Kim Remax Real Estate Broker

Lory Kim – Remax Connections Broker – Episode 8

Lory Kim – Remax Connections Broker – Episode 8 Cosmos and Commerce Podcast Summary- Lory Kim – Remax Connections Introduction Guest Introduction Lory’s Background and Inspiration Challenges in Starting a Business Identifying a Niche in Real Estate Lory’s Favorite Inspirational Quotes Valuable Business Lessons Balancing Work and Personal Life Benefits of International Trips Daily Routines … Read more

ella williams, posh teatime co

Episode 7 – Ella Williams – Posh TeaTime Co

Episode 7 – Ella Williams – Posh TeaTime Co Summary of “Cosmos and Commerce” Podcast Episode with Ella Williams Hosts: Michele Cook & Janis FrancisGuest: Ella Williams, Posh Teatime Co Section 1: Introduction Section 2: Business Acumen Section 3: Goal Setting & Advice Section 4: Closing & Contact Information Overall, the podcast episode provided insights … Read more

Lillie Williams - J Dog Junk Removal

Episode 6- Lillie Williams- J Dog Hauling & Rags to Riches

Episode 6- Lillie Williams- J Dog Hauling & Rags to Riches Podcast Summary: Cosmos and Commerce – Lillie Williams Hosts: Guest: Lillie Williams’ Introduction: Inspiration for J Dog Hauling: Beginning of Rags to Riches: Boots to Business Program: Background of J Dog Franchise: Lillie’s Personal Background: Catalytic Converter Theft Learning from Theft Marketing Scam Proudest … Read more

Elijah Danilets, Danilets Detailing

Episode 5- Elijah Danilets- Danilets Detailing

Episode 5- Elijah Danilets- Danilets Detailing Podcast Episode Summary: Interview with Elijah Danilets Background & Early Life: Danilets Detailing: Learning from Experiences: Proud Moments: Danilets Dating: Philosophy & Beliefs: Connect with Elijah: Closing Remarks: In this episode, the hosts, Janis Francis and Michele Cook, interview entrepreneur Elijah Danilets, the founder of Danilets Detailing. Elijah has … Read more

Carol Wentzel- Personal Trainer

Episode 4 – Carol Wentzel – Personal Trainer

Podcast Summary: Exploring Health, Fitness, and Empowerment with Carol Wentzel Introduction: In the “Cosmos and Commerce” podcast, hosts Janis Francis and Michele Cook sit down with Carol Wentzel from Amanda Black Fitness to delve into her journey as a health and fitness coach, specifically focusing on women’s health during menopause. Getting to Know Carol Wentzel: … Read more

Shelley Wasicki The Positive Spirit Co

Episode 3 – Shelley Wasicki- the Positive Spirit Co

Podcast Summary: “Cosmos and Commerce” Shelley’s Role in Podcast Creation: Shelley’s Background and Journey: Intuitive Insights and Energy Protection: Crystals and Their Impact: Investment in Self-Improvement: Future Vision for Business: “When Animals Speak” Book: Conclusion: Links: “Many Lives, Many Masters” by Brian Weiss“The Celestine Prophecy” by James Redfield Transcription [00:00:00] Janis: Welcome to Cosmos and … Read more

Body Ache Escape Massage Center Pickerington, Ohio

Episode 2 – Michele Cook- Body Ache Escape Massage Center

🎙️ Step into the vibrant world of “Cosmos and Commerce,” where host Janis Francis and guest Michele Cook from Body Ache Escape Massage Center embark on a captivating journey of discovery. In this exhilarating episode, they delve into the fascinating stories and insights behind Michele’s remarkable business journey, uncovering the inspiration, challenges, and growth that … Read more

the humble crate pickerington, ohio

Episode 1- Janis Francis- The Humble Crate

Step into a world of vibrant conversations and clinking cocktail glasses as the debut episode of “Cosmos and Commerce” takes center stage. Hosted by the effervescent Michele Cook and her partner in crime, Janis Francis, this podcast sets sail on a journey that blends business insights with the art of sipping cocktails. 🍹 With a … Read more