Episode 1- Janis Francis- The Humble Crate

Step into a world of vibrant conversations and clinking cocktail glasses as the debut episode of “Cosmos and Commerce” takes center stage. Hosted by the effervescent Michele Cook and her partner in crime, Janis Francis, this podcast sets sail on a journey that blends business insights with the art of sipping cocktails. ๐Ÿน

With a cheerful and lively atmosphere, listeners are transported to the heart of the action as Michele and Janis, the dynamic duo, exchange greetings. Their voices intertwine like a harmonious dance, setting the tone for an evening filled with laughter, spontaneity, and perhaps a few off-the-rails moments. The intoxicating scent of cocktails hangs in the air, ready to infuse the episode with an extra splash of charisma.

As they raise their glasses in a toast, the duo invites you to join them in a world where libraries are left behind, and happy hour reigns supreme. With each sip, the podcast evolves into a cascade of stories, insights, and shared dreams. The casual atmosphere fosters authenticity, allowing the listeners to eavesdrop on candid conversations between two friends.

Michele’s voice dances with enthusiasm as she recounts a psychic’s advice that inspired the birth of the podcast. The narrative unfolds as she describes how a cosmic twist of fate united her with Janis, who has been contemplating the idea of podcasting for years. The synergy between their energies becomes palpable, an undeniable force driving their creative journey.

As the episode continues, Janis takes the spotlight to share her own story. Her voice carries the warmth of nostalgia as she delves into her journey from being a veteran realtor to becoming the mastermind behind “Humble Crate.” Listeners are treated to an intimate narrative as Janis unveils her past experiences, from her early ventures into entrepreneurship to her current role as a visionary shop owner.

The ambiance oscillates between lighthearted anecdotes and earnest revelations. The duo’s laughter is infectious, drawing listeners into their world. Janis passionately reveals her love for fostering young entrepreneurs and supporting veterans, reflecting her compassion and dedication. These unexpected layers add color to the tapestry of the episode.

Throughout their captivating exchange, Michele and Janis navigate topics with eloquence and spontaneity. The conversations flow seamlessly, revealing a genuine connection between the hosts. As the episode draws to a close, Michele leads the discussion toward reflections on their personal growth journeys and offers snippets of wisdom on manifesting goals.

The curtain falls on the inaugural episode of “Cosmos and Commerce,” leaving listeners with a sense of having shared an intimate evening with two extraordinary women. Michele and Janis’s synergy shines brightly, casting a glow over the podcast’s promising future. With each episode, “Cosmos and Commerce” promises to be a voyage filled with laughter, inspiration, and the delightful clink of glasses, inviting listeners to step into a world of vivid storytelling and unbounded creativity. ๐ŸŽ™๐ŸŒŒ๐ŸŒŸ

Michele Cook, owner of Body Ache Escape and Janis Francis, owner of The Humble Crate

Show Notes

Episode: Cosmos and Commerce – Episode 1: Getting to Know Janis Francis, owner of The Humble Crate Artisan Marketplace


  • [00:00] Introduction
  • Michele Cook introduces the podcast and herself.
  • Janis Francis is introduced as Michele’s partner in the podcast.
  • They joke about being partners in crime and share their plan to talk business while drinking cocktails.
  • [01:08] Happy Hour and Setting the Scene
  • Michele and Janis toast to the podcast and acknowledge that this episode might be a bit unconventional as they’re not recording in their usual setting.
  • [02:14] Inspiration Behind the Podcast
  • Michele shares how the idea for the podcast originated from a psychic reading by Shelly, a vendor at Janis’s store, the Humble Crate.
  • Shelly suggested that Michele start a podcast and that Janis had also been considering the same idea.
  • [03:40] Starting the Journey
  • Michele and Janis discuss the decision to start the podcast and how it aligns with their aspirations.
  • Michele interviews Janis about her various roles, including being a realtor for 26 years and managing a farmer’s market.
  • [08:12] Creation of the Humble Crate
  • Janis talks about her journey from being a realtor to becoming the manager of a farmer’s market.
  • She shares how the idea of starting the Humble Crate, an artisan marketplace, was born.
  • Janis explains the concept of the Humble Crate and how vendors can sell their goods there.
  • [13:30] Expansion and Vision
  • Janis discusses her vision for the Humble Crate’s future, including the desire to expand and accommodate more vendors.
  • She talks about her passion for fostering young entrepreneurs and supporting veterans.
  • [17:20] Effective Advertising
  • Janis shares her successful advertising strategies, including an ad in the Town Money Saver and involvement in local events and organizations.
  • She talks about the impact of these ads on bringing customers to her store.
  • [19:48] Guilty Pleasures and Absurdity
  • Michele and Janis discuss their guilty pleasures, including binge-watching TV shows and staying up all night.
  • Janis reveals that her guilty pleasure is binge-watching series like Game of Thrones and Yellowstone.
  • [22:04] Personal Growth and Goal Achievement
  • Janis talks about personal growth and how writing down goals helps in achieving them.
  • She discusses the importance of making oneself accountable by putting goals out into the universe.
  • [24:00] Learning to Say No
  • Janis shares her journey in learning to say no to various commitments and obligations.
  • She emphasizes the importance of prioritizing and not overextending oneself.
  • [25:38] Acknowledging Milestones
  • Michele and Janis talk about the significance of acknowledging anniversaries and accomplishments in business.
  • They discuss the importance of showing appreciation to team members.
  • [28:05] Recollections of Early Jobs
  • Janis reminisces about her first job experiences, including working at a laundromat and Burger Chef.
  • She shares a humorous incident involving her mother’s surprise visit to her workplace.
  • [30:10] Body Language and Honesty
  • Janis mentions a webinar on body language and its indicators of honesty or deception.
  • She shares insights on how body language can reveal certain truths.
  • [31:55] Manifesting Dreams
  • Janis talks about the power of manifestation and the role it played in her endeavors, including the Humble Crate.
  • She emphasizes the significance of writing down goals and talking about them.
  • [33:10] Conclusion
  • Michele and Janis wrap up the episode, reflecting on the valuable insights shared.
  • They express gratitude for their listeners and provide information about finding the podcast.
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